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What You Want Also Wants You A3

What You Want Also Wants You A3

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A3 Unframed (420mm x 297mm)

Available in colour and monochrome.

The creation of the intricate frame came to me while I was trying to fall asleep one night. I kept seeing 3 circles interlinked, so I drew it on my phone to remind myself of it in the morning. Once I started drawing, I followed my intuition throughout the process, focusing on star shapes, seed pods and fan shapes. The two smaller circles symbolise the heavens and the earth. The connecting larger circle in the energy that ties everything together. These three circles are also reminiscent of “As above, so below.”

This quote followed me around for a while. Yes, it's Rumi, but there's a reason why his quotes are so popular. They're true and they're deep.

This poem by Rumi explains it all.

When I run after what I think I want
My days are like a hot furnace
Of acute stress and anxiety
For days I am at my wits end
Have no power to think sensibly
But start to decay in my own edginess
If I sit in my own place of patience
Being one with myself in silence
Letting each breath cleanse my inner chaos
And knowing that life still colours
My gorgeous world with her vivacity
What I need flows beautifully in me
And without an inch of pain
I feel that spaciousness inside
From this I can well understand
That what I want also wants me
Is looking for me and attracting me
To come and be with Him
There is a great secret here
For anyone who can grasp it
Simply sway with the movement
There is magic in the unknown

  • Hand signed
  • Editions of 100
  • High quality digital print
  • Printed on acid free Fabriano paper 

All prints are sold unframed.

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