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The Octave

The Octave

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A few months ago, I finished the illustration that I started in 2021. This one, The Octave.

I love the mathematics of the Fourth Way. The book that made it understandable to me is Russell A. Smith's The Blueprint of Consciousness - An accelerated path to awakening.

I based this artwork on the principles of the octave. You know, like on a piano, like a scale - Do, Red, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do. If you like maths stuff, I made a video explaining the octave here.

So, in this illustration, each one of the circles is vibrating at a certain frequency, kind of like ripples in a lake.

I've focused on themes of the cosmos, the sun, the moon phases, the suns of other galaxies, constellations, moths and snakes here because of the transformation they both symbolise. The outer snake is an ouroboros, the snake that eats it's tail, a symbol of time and repeating cycles.

When I began illustrating this artwork, I didn't have anything in mind. I knew that I would start with these concentric circles and the rest would flow through me. Which it did. The whole drawing was channeled and flowed right through me...until it didn't.

I got stuck, every time I sat down at the drawing, nothing came to me. I didn't want to force it, so I gave it space. It sat on my desk for months, it even gathered literal dust.

I packed it away in my cupboard and it haunted me for months. Yet another thing I started and didn't finish. But I knew it wasn't ready and I didn't want to force it and make a mistake.

Then. One day, out of nowhere, my brain said,

"Do the constellations of each zodiac.That's all."

You see...I had had this idea already but I had made it SO complicated with alchemical symbols and the corresponding planets etc. and it was too confusing.

And the inner voice just said, "Keep it simple."

This piece is big. The original is A1, it is insanely intricate. I used a 005 fineliner for the details and a 0.2 for the solid parts. I got it professionally scanned and fixed up any mistakes and got a test print.

  • Hand-signed
  • Editions of 50
  • Archival art print
  • Printed on True Matt Ivory White 230gsm

All prints are sold unframed.

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