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The Magician

The Magician

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These 4 paintings came to me while thinking about my grounding practice. In this meditation, one imagines a lotus on top of your head. The thousand petalled lotus, your crown chakra. I then connected the 4 archetypes to each painting.

The Magician archetype. The magic maker. The Magician doesn't need proof that their dreams will become reality because the Magician knows. They are expansive, creators of time, bearers of knowledge and alchemists.

Magician archetype characteristics
• Highly intellectual with a good sense of intuition.
• Often described as visionaries.
• Usually very charismatic and well-received by everyone around them.
• Believe anything is possible and teach others their beliefs.
• Naturally curious and know how to harness technology to their advantage.
• They know how to learn & grow from their mistakes.
• They understand the spiritual world and can explain it to others in simple terms.
• They have the ability to take different forms.
• They believe in impossible dreams.
• They are fascinating and sophisticated.

  • Hand signed
  • Editions of 50
  • High quality digital print
  • Printed on acid free Fabriano paper 

All prints are sold unframed.

A3 Size (420mm x 297mm)   A4 Size (210mm x 297mm)

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