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By Lauren Fowler



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The Japanese word Natsukashii is described as to "when something evokes a fond memory from your past." It's like nostalgia, but with a positive connotation. 

I've paired these sacred geometry illustrations with Japanese words/concepts to spark your curiosity to ponder these ideas while looking at the shapes.

In your instant download, you'll receive:

  • Print-ready artwork with the word, without the word, and then just the artwork on a clear background.
  • 3 print-ready sizes, A4, A3, and A2 


"Flower of Life"

Out of the Flower of Life, the Blueprint of Creation,
is born all form, all spirals, all galaxies, all atoms.
Not only is it The Creator, it is the Preserver,
as Shape Stores Memory,
as in the billions of bits of data stored in our computers
and in the liquid crystals of our Third Eye.
It is also the Amplifier
similar to the cubic crystals resonance that makes radios work.
As the Destroyer, all life completes its assigned cycles
only to reconstitute itself as a seed
that becomes a flower, a human or a star.

Jain 108

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