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By Lauren Fowler

Kaleidoscope - Original Colourway

Kaleidoscope - Original Colourway

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This artwork worked its way through me. I made a video about the process here.

Or you can read the transcript below.

This print is available in 3 different colourways.

  • Hand-signed
  • Editions of 50
  • High-quality digital print
  • A3s printed on archival Fabriano.
  • A2 & A1 printed on archival Felix Schoeller True Matt.

All prints are sold unframed.

Transcript of the video

Like all good things, I started this painting randomly.

I was looking for something to kind of get stuck in on that wasn't a blank page. I have this brown paper bag that just says "Drawings" on it which has either like dud artwork prints or like some nice paper just kind of just stuffed into a bag and sometimes they have half done pencil drawings in there, which this page was. It was something I started, I think it was last year, when I did the Rumi quote illustration, "What you want also wants you"

It was just a bunch of concentric circles when I pulled it out of the bag and I was just like, "Okay here we go!" And that's when I just started drawing in these little leaves and this is how it went.

I took this photo when I was trying to decide if I wanted to use pen or paint to finish it. It was only once the artwork was finished that I could start explaining it to myself.

The center of this artwork feels like the seed or like the starting place. The eight flowers that grow from that center is kind of like the expression of the seed and then the two outside eyeballs are like, these energy sources, like the sun.

This shape feels almost like it's alive. The two eyes on either side are exchanging energy through this vortex of colour. It's like a give and take or like a cycle, like a life cycle. I'm a Libra Sun in Gemini Moon so I feel like duality is built into anything that I do. This duality that's happening in the painting is kind of like an expression of a third force, the back and forth movement between the two sources, like a pendulum.

I always thought I was post-rationalizing my artworks. But it's clear to me now that I can only really see the whole picture once I'm done. The process is very different from the outcome. It's almost like they're two separate parts to me. It's only really at the end that I see it all come together as one idea.

I like to think of it as my future self that's directing and channeled through my past self and the two are meeting up at the middle at the present for me to explain it to myself. It's like I had to go on this journey through it to understand the other things happening in my life.

For instance, at the moment, I'm studying Fourth Way, I also rewatched both seasons of The OA. So my whole mind was preoccupied with, Octaves and dimensions and seeing the unseen.

But ultimately, whatever I've locked into this artwork, I hope it reveals itself to you. Something that you can't describe with words. Something that you feel.

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