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Cosmic Serpent A3

Cosmic Serpent A3

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A3 Unframed (420mm x 297mm)

This collection, called Transformation, has sent me on a path of self-discovery. I focused on the snake as a vehicle for this concept. The snake, a mysterious, elusive creature in mythology, has always fascinated me. Even in the natural world, the shedding of its outer layer of skin is a beautiful metaphor for us, how we can leave behind what no longer serves us as we grow.

The idea for the outer snake circle came to me while I watched a movie at the Planetarium about the Sun. There was a quick moment where they showed a circular calendar with a snake coiled, ouroboros-style, on the outside which evoked and piqued my interest.

I used this as the starting point of the illustration. I illustrated the 8 phases of the moon to portray the passing of time. Next came the sacred geometry. I followed the points behind each moon phase and connected where it felt right. I feel like this created a kind of energetic web, where you could store a frequency.

Lastly, the constellations in the center are a nod to the cosmos and making the middle of the illustration feel as if it's a portal. The symbol in the middle was inspired by Croatian protection tattoos and serves the same purpose. I like to think of this illustration floating through space somewhere, turning and cycling through the darkness, only being illuminated by the odd star every now and then.

  • Hand-signed
  • Editions of 100
  • High-quality digital print
  • Printed on acid-free Fabriano paper 

All prints are sold unframed.

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