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Chromosphere A3

Chromosphere A3

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Definition of Chromosphere: As the name suggests, the chromosphere literally translates into a 'sphere of light'.

The act of illustrating a mandala for me is pure meditation. I become completely absorbed by the task and often feel compelled to finish the artwork in one sitting. I love pattern and repetition, so doing these mandala illustrations gives me immense joy. My wish for you is that this joy exudes from this artwork and into your life.

The mandala serves a conservative purpose—namely, to restore a previously existing order. But it also serves the creative purpose of giving expression and form to something that does not yet exist, something new and unique. ... The process is that of the ascending spiral, which grows upward while simultaneously returning again and again to the same point.
— Jungian analyst Marie-Louise von Franz, C. G. Jung: Man and His Symbols, p. 225

• A4 Unframed (210mm x 297mm)
• Hand signed
• Editions of 100
• High-quality digital print
• Printed on acid-free Fabriano paper
• Makes good friends with Airglow and Centripetal 
• All prints are sold unframed

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