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By Lauren Fowler

Visible Mending Kit

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I love hand sewing and I love mending my clothes. I have a wool & cashmere jersey that's had so many mends, it might as well be a piece of art by now! I'm passionate about spreading the joy of mending and giving your clothes a second life. A lot of people are intimidated by hand sewing, but you can't go wrong and any mend you do on your clothes is going to be beautiful and unique.

This kit is perfect for the beginner mender, it has everything you need to get started. From replacing a button to darning a hole or patching up your jeans. I think it's such a pity to throw a piece of clothing out when it can become something so much better with a few stitches.

This set includes:

  • 3 needles
  • a box of pins
  • thread cutters
  • black & white + colour cotton thread
  • a 4-inch hoop
  • a piece of muslin
  • a piece of Liberty fabric
  • a white dressmaker's pencil
  • and some spare buttons

The kit is sold in a cardboard box that you can keep all your tools in and add pieces of your own scrap fabric to.