Transformation 🌕
  • Hello! I've created new work and I wanted to tell you the process behind it all...here we go!

    The creative energy that goes into my work is my life force. It’s literally putting down onto paper what happens in my heart, how my mind works and the song that my soul sings. It’s a language that I’m trying to communicate with you through the eye, through light energy and hoping that you see it. 

    For the last 11 years, I’ve been doing this, I lost my way a bit. I got stuck, I went through creative block and I went there a few times. This last time lasted a little longer than I would’ve liked and wondered if I was even an artist anymore. In a space of “uncreativity”, which feels like death, stagnation, and loss, I didn’t feel relevant anymore. I took some steps to break through all of this, in fact, they showed up for me. I went through an amazing course last year called ACE which started to break through the main chunks. Then this year, I had the opportunity to work with a life coach which has been the most amazing process. 

    I’m so happy to be sharing my inner world with you again. For these three artworks, I chose to focus on transformation, rebirth, and spirituality. I created these snake illustrations as a symbol for this theme. My spirituality lives in nature, magical realism, and the cosmos. I hope you enjoy these illustrations as much s I enjoyed creating them for you.

    I'll be sharing more about my process soon as well as the idea behind each artwork in more depth. But for now. Sleep. (I promised myself to send this out at midnight...it's 12:09)